Wednesday, February 06, 2008

1-Year Probation Over; We're Keeping Her

Happy birthday to Pebbles!



A year ago at this time I was sitting around at a toddler playtime, telling the other moms that I believed and hoped that this was finally the day. We'd just walked over a mile in the freezing cold hoping to shake that stubborn Pebbles loose. In a preview of mulishness to come, Pebbles held on for another 12 hours.

At 1, Pebbles:

-- Loves music and busts a move at the slightest hint of a melody, be it a ringtone, a radio lead-in, Mommy singing or an actual sound recording. Today we danced, with Nutmeg, to the soundtrack of Juno.

-- Sleeps like a rockstar, with two naps a day of 90 minutes or more, plus 12 hours at night. Except today -- I'm about to go rescue her after a sleepless morning "nap." OK, and still waking up at night which is not cool. But all things considered she's doing great compared to the same baby a couple months ago.

-- Is behaving like a toddler, which means she is driving her sister crazy getting into her business, refusing to sit still in a shopping cart or lie still on the changing table. Loves to climb onto furniture. And is driving me crazy by fussing and striking out if she doesn't get exactly what she wants. What she wants is usually nursing.

-- Eats sometimes, especially if the food comes directly off our plates. She's now had chicken, beef, eggs, many kinds of grain, all kinds of dairy (whipped cream is her favorite). Yesterday she loved eating some strawberries, and tonight I predict she will love her some birthday cake, made by "Iron Cheflet" Nutmeg and I.

-- Calls out an exhuberant "Hi!" to everyone she sees, and gets a lot of "Hi"s back.

-- Loves the sight of falling snow. Still loves dogs.

-- Has figured out the use for certain objects. For instance, if she gets ahold of a brush, she brushes her hair with it, or tries. Will put the phone to her ear and say "Hi!"

-- Likes to poke people in the eye and say, "Eye!"

-- Slaps at her head whenever we sing "Head, shoulders knees and toes." Claps not only for "Happy and You Know It," but also along with the studio audience whenever someone gets the correct answer on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."

Oh Pebbles, one year later and we can't imagine life without you. You're so joyful, so affectionate, so obstinate. I know you're going to make life challenging for your sister in this next year now that you want to be in the middle of everything she's doing. I can only hope that you'll help teach her the importance of picking up her toys lest they get toddlerized.


Kori said...

Oh, Pebbles, we picked out the cutest little birthday presents for you today, and I could almost not contain myself---had it not been snowy and had I not known that your mommy was working hard on a party for the weekend, I would have driven them over right away.

Congratulations to you all for a first year well done! I can't believe it was a YEAR AGO that the little bean was born. Big hugs all around.

It's also the first day of the year of the rat, which from the little I've read is symbolic of new beginnings (being the first animal in the cycle). I guess Nutmeg needs to watch out as Pebbles discovers more and more new things this year, many of which will be in "monkey territory."

babyboyg said...

Happy B-day Pebbles!
I also can't belive it's been a year. I met you while you were pregnant with her and have faithfully cyber-stalked you for over a year now! It's odd to remember that I've never actually met her, since your descriptions are so full of humor and honesty that I feel like I know her pretty well.

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Pebbles! Obstinacy is a fine trait.

We have two daughters (3.5 years and 21 months) that are the sweetest blend of friends and nemeses. You are all in for a wondrous ride over the next 12 months (and lifetime).

Bert said...

Happy birthday, Pebbles! I thought of you on the actual day. You are a delightful baby-soon-to-be-toddler! See you soon! Love, Auntie Bert :)

Notta Wallflower said...

Happy Birthday, Pebbles! Can't wait to see you next week!! I can't believe how fast they grow. I have to agree with Amanda - obstinate is not a horrible thing. It makes me remember this exercise at one of our workshops where we had to take "negative" terms we use to describe students and turn them into "positives". So I guess "obstinate" could turn into "determined" or "driven". I wish K had some of that. I have no idea if Jellybean will - we'll have to wait and see.