Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just so y'all know how much I care: I haven't yet had time to change out of the thrice-puked-upon clothes I've been wearing for the past two days, but I wanted to take a sec to update.

Pebbles and I just returned from the hospital after an overnight stay. She's feeling pretty good, especially now that they took that "f-ing goddamned IV" out of her hand (her words). Turns out she also has pneumonia, but like her sister, after a day's worth of amoxicillin she is fever-free and acting quite perky.

I have oh, so much to say about our two days spent at the hospital in Berwyn (who doesn't travel to Berwyn for fine medical care, right?). But for tonight, I will limit it to the rough points:

1. Pebbles was looking somewhat better Monday but I still took her to her doctor's office.
2. Pebbles weighs in at 14 lbs, 14 ounces, nearly a pound down from last week. The doctor gave her a breathing treatment in office and sent us on to the ER for more breathing treatments, IV fluids and a chest X-ray. (Me: What???? Your DOCTOR can send you to the ER??? So. Wrong.)
3. Pebbles and I spend Monday in the ER and are admitted and moved to a room in pediatrics at around 7:30 p.m. I am shaking my head in disbelief because in the past few hours Pebbles has begun to act like her old self again, playing and chatting and smiling. However, a 104-degree temperature and a blood-oxygen level that is lower than it was when we arrived win us an overnight stay at glamorous Hotel MacNeal (at least I didn't have to pay the ER copay. W00t, 50 extra bucks to spend on heat!)
4. Pebbles experiences a coughing and hard-breathing episode in the predawn hours that leaves her with a lower blood oxygen level. Level has not completely recovered in the morning and I despair that we will ever leave hospital.
5. Pebbles stages a speedy recovery by noon, and we spend the rest of the day waiting for our doctor to look at her so we can go home. Then we wait for Pebbles to produce more wet diapers. Then we wait for the pharmacy to send up last dose of antibiotic.
6. We get home at around 6 to a lovely dinner made by my lovely husband and get massive hugs from lovely daughter. Mmm, am now headed for lovely bath and lovely jammies.


Bert said...

Oh my! I'm so glad all turned out well! Poor kid. Poor mom!

Kori said...

I'm so glad that you are home and, hopefully, sleeping in your own bed as I type this. :) You win the super-mommy award for this week.

Sara said...

Hope you enjoyed your bath!! You deserve it! Hope the little one is on the mend!

Daisy said...

those low oxygen levels can be scary. My little one wasn't quite as little when his asthma was bad -- he was two -- but I still remember the relief when we were allowed to get our own home nebulizer so I didn't have to truck him to the ER every time he wheezed. He has since outgrown the asthma; I hope yours does, too!