Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two Quick Links Before We Go Watch the Game

"For Better or for Worse," the comic strip, has been running reruns from back in the 70s when the main character, Ellie, was raising two small kids. I've always felt, well, close to the semi-fictional family in the strip, because the kids are around the same age as my brother and I and they went through life stages like college, getting married, having kids at around the same time. Also, the kid who is my age, the son, is a writer.

Anyway, this week's strips were about the frustrations of being a mom. I thought this one was particularly apt.


This week's "This American Life" ends with a hilarious -- yet also very sad -- story about transracial adoption at FAO Schwartz.

Go Packers!


Sara said...


Sara said...

stupid packers.