Saturday, January 19, 2008

Only Child for a Weekend

Oh, I blogged about Juno and forgot to tell you guys. Sorry.

Nutmeg is visiting her grandparents this weekend and it's interesting to see how different things are for Pebbles when Godzilla, I mean, big sister isn't around. Pebbles has discovered how much she loves one of her own Christmas presents, a singing, talking doggie. When she plays with it normally, Nutmeg's there in an instant, tearing it out of her tiny little hands. Sure, I try to put a stop to this, but I cannot be on top of them at all times, nor do I feel like I *should* referee every interaction between them.

On the upside, Nutmeg does show affection and tenderness toward Pebbles more and more often. Just the other day, Nutmeg and I were going through the alphabet and talking about things we were thankful for. I got the idea from a magazine in the doctor's waiting room, and it worked out much better than last time I got a conversational gambit from a magazine.

Her first letter was "B." Without taking much time to think, she said, "I'm thankful for my BABY SISTER."

Then she got some hugs.

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Kori said...

Nutmeg talked about Pebbles' dog on the car ride up to K-town on Friday! She loves that thing, to be sure. I think that EJ has the same one, actually---the songs Nutmeg described it singing are the same as the Fisher-Price dog that was a hit here for over a year. Maybe Nutmeg could borrow EJ's old one---if she had her own, she would certainly tire of it quickly (as per Murphy's Law of children's toys).

How sweet about the thankfulness---you really have such great little girls. :)