Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How Was Our Christmas? Abundant.

What happens when you cross four loving grandparents with two adorable children on the biggest gift-giving holiday of the West? Why, good times, of course: Nutmeg and I made a dessert for my parents' house that she called "A Land of Sugar," Pebbles enjoyed more than just the wrapping and learned to bark aggressively at Nutmeg when the elder sister grabbed at her toys, Epu and I -- for the first time -- got to watch Nutmeg creep downstairs and discover a bulging stocking and a plate of cookie crumbs.

You also get a lot of toys. As in, get rid of all previous occupants of the playroom shelves. As in, the poor old hatchback that once seemed such a roomy car could not accommodate all the haul from even one of the grandparents' houses, much less both. The video below shows our tree with gifts aplenty, but this is minus, well, more than half the gifts the girls received, which are still in Wisconsin. The audio track is part of Nutmeg's first CD, her Christmas gift to her daddy.

What to do? Well, be thankful that our girls are so well-loved. Be charitable with some of the old toys that need to make room for the new. Be glad that many of the toys are still at both grandparents' houses so we can introduce them gradually to prevent boredom in the long winter stretching ahead of us.

Oh, yeah, also be charmed that kids' toys are so much fun now that Nutmeg is older. I actually asked her several times today, "Nutmeg, wanna play with your new critter house/globe/blocks?" just because I wanted to play with them myself.

As always, there was also a dark side of Christmas: An overtired 3-year-old frequently spoke to mommy and daddy in a snotty manner, although, knowing which side her bread is buttered on, she seemed to be all sweetness for the grandparents. The baby's sleep schedule peaked at perfection about a week before Christmas and is now smashed to smithereens, with multiple nightly wakeups and over an hour of crying each night before falling asleep. But hell, it's all part of the package, and this year it was such a pretty package and I made such nice little gift tags for the package that who's going to remember a few stuck-out tongues when the kids are grown up? Also, neither of my two biggest fears came true: Nutmeg displayed no jealousy over Pebbles' gifts, nor did she tell anyone that she hated her gift. To be fair, she loved all her gifts so that wasn't a big feat of manners on her part, but it was a relief all the same.


Kori said...

Oh, I love Nutmeg's singing! You have to bring her to one of my music classes one of these weekends. :) Too cute.

We're in the same boat over here w/regard to toys. C'est le deluge (ou la bordelle, vachement)!

Bert said...

Holy crap. That could not be any cuter. You have unfairly adorable children. :)