Thursday, January 31, 2008

Health Update

Nutmeg's lungs sounded ok today. A little bronchiolitis, maybe, nothing down in the pneumonia level. The X-ray from Tuesday indicated maybe a little light viral pneumonia or maybe bronchitis.

Which left me saying, it might have been a virus? Boy, then I'm SO GLAD we're on course two of antibiotics. Because, even though it is a different drug (one that I can't pronounce), once again antibiotics make Nutmeg insane.

Fortunately, this time her doctor witnessed the insanity so she had to believe me. When we arrived at the office today (we walked through the snow, for some insane reason), Nutmeg was screaming and crying like a baby and she didn't stop until we were in the exam room, a good 10 to 15 minutes later, or, in my perception at the time, eternity. She was crying because I had not complied with her command to turn around and take her home, and because I had promised to punish her when we got home for biting my finger (very lightly, in a testing way).

Pebbles was crying too. Yes, the office staff was very glad to see us roll in with our snow-covered stroller and coats and now fully functioning lungs.

Nutmeg refused to be weighed and when the nurse came toward her with the ear thermometer, she covered both ears and said "nonononono." The nurse gave up and retreated and hopefully put some kind of warning sign on the outside of the door.

Nutmeg calmed down when I read her a book, giving me just enough time to change the world's stinkiest diaper on her sister. When the doctor came in Nutmeg converted from Hysterical Antibiotics Nutmeg to Silly Not Listening Antibiotics Nutmeg. She giggled while she was supposed to be breathing quietly for the stethoscope. She actually pissed off our very nice doctor by rolling around on her stool and repeatedly flipping the lights on and off.

I hate it when I see parents letting their kids do crap like that without intervening, but today I walked a mile in the shoes. I found it challenging to intervene with every new bratty behavior while also listening to the doctor's many instructions (we talked about Nutemg's eczema as well) and holding the baby.

The most comical moment of the whole fiasco came when the doctor told Nutmeg, "Yes, you can go to school tomorrow, so mommy can get a break!"

My actual voice was calm and slow as I told her, "Unfortunately, there is no school on Fridays."

Inside, it came out exactly the way Nutmeg sounded when we first entered the office.

She did go to school this morning, though (without medical permission), giving me time to follow up on a story pitch I'd sent to a magazine a month ago. The editor emailed right back and bought the pitch, as already written, as a very short profile! Yay. A much-needed boost on a difficult day.

It pays two Cleaning Lady Units, the new currency in which I will measure all my freelance work. That means that what I get for the job will pay for two cleaning lady visits.


Sara said...

Well, hooray for the cleaning lady units, anyway.

So, are ya gonna finish Nutmeg's course of antibiotics? :-)

Carrie said...

Sara -- Yes, we are. For one thing, the doctor didn't say to stop it, and she didn't KNOW that what's congesting Nutmeg's lungs is a virus. For another, I've heard too many warnings about partial courses of antibiotics contributing to the superbug problem.

Notta Wallflower said...

Ohhh... a cleaning lady. That would be heaven! I've considered it, especially now that I'm working enough to cover it.

As far as the antibiotics, I'm sorry it's been so hard for you guys. I'll be glad when the girls are all better. Taking antibiotics for less than the prescribed amount does leave way for the infection to come back, and worse. :-/

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