Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy 11/12 to Pebbles

The irrepressible Miss Pebbles is 11 months old today. It really hit me that her baby days are almost over this weekend while I was driving down 290. I had to brush away tears because I realized that we have been so busy that her baby year went by like a greyhound. The dog, not the bus.

Pebbles is crawling around the living room as I write this, enjoying free use of all the Christmas toys while Nutmeg watches Sesame Street upstairs.* People tell me all the time that they have never seen such a happy baby. Neither have I. This is a kid who stretches out her whole face to smile when you look at her. She's the Jim Carrey of the crawling set. She stops nursing at bedtime to look up at me and just grin, grin, grin with those two teeth of hers sticking up like happy little tombstones. She even grins when Nutmeg is holding her down by her throat or dragging her across the living room with her head thumping along the floor.

At 11 months, Pebbles can say "uh oh," "ah duh (all done)," "mama (which mainly means, "boobs")," "da," "hi," "nana (banana)," a simplified version of her name, "doggie," "baby," "drop," and, we think, "more." She shakes her head no, waves hi and bye, does a home-fashioned sign for "all done," and occasionally does the sign for more. She might also say her sister's name. The thing she says most is definitely "uh oh," often accompanied by hilarious gags such as dropping food onto the floor or a toy into the bathtub while I am trying to take a shower.

She's just starting to wear clothes size 9-12. We met an 8-week-old this weekend who outweighed her.

Pebbles is saying fewer words than her sister was at this age, but physically she can do more, I think. She can ride the rocking horse caterpillar unassisted (once she's placed on it). She can freestand, cruise, and push a toy shopping cart.

She's a superfan of her daddy, a white-hot celebrity also popular with Nutmeg. This morning I tried to take her out of the room Epu occupied, and she fought me with back arching and crying. She has climbed the whole flight of stairs (with me hovering behind her, ready to catch) because she heard Daddy and Nutmeg talking upstairs.

She loves to dance and sing, and she loves her bath. Her favorite Christmas gift seems to be Nutmeg's medical kit, and she's taken to crawling around the house with an otoscope in one fist and a reflex-checking mallet in the other, clicking the plastic parts on the floors as she goes.

Pebbles spent the night away from us for the first time last week for our 10th wedding anniversary. Sounds like she did OK with only an average amount of sleeplessness for the grandparents who were generous/crazy enough to take her overnight. Unlike Nutmeg at this age, she is able to fall asleep without a boob in her mouth, although getting her to sleep at night has not been easy for the last month. Still, I'm pretty happy with her sleep patterns right now: two naps of 1 to 2 hours each, plus 12 or more hours at night interrupted by two wakeups. Our current project is eliminating the second wakeup.

Eating solids is still one of her less favorite pursuits, but this weekend we found a food that she gets excited about: English muffins. Actually, the introduction of all kinds of wheat products this past week was a huge hit, broadening her diet from straight Cheerios. This is obviously a girl who loves her carbs. I am so desperate to fatten her up at this point that I am going to buy a freezerload of whole wheat English muffins on sale today at Jewel. I tried using one to get other food into her -- in this case hummus -- but she saw right through that. First she tried to wipe the hummus off the muffin with her hand, and when that wasn't effect enough for her, she said, "Uh oh," and with a grand wave of her arm, dropped the muffin to the floor.

Her message was clear: "I may be smiley, but I told you before: You cannot f*ck with this baby."

* Yes, it is the first day of school after the 2-week holiday break. No, Nutmeg's not at school. She's home with a cold and a tummy ache. This morning, as I watched Epu leave the house, I asked him if he thought his boss would notice if I showed up instead of him. Yes, I would rather teach myself to write software and spend my lunch break talking about Dwarf Fortress than spend another day stuck in the house with two kids.

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Notta Wallflower said...

Pebbles seems like she's doing well developmentally. I can't wait to see her - she is such a cutie!