Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coming Down With a Case of ADD?

Poor Pebbles is sicker than ever and I am taking her to the doctor's office when they open their doors in the morning, even with no appointment. Her fever has ranged from 102 to 104, she's been throwing up vile-colored gunk that we can only assume is infected snot, and she keeps clawing at her eye and forehead. So we're thinking sinus infection, poor thing.

Pebbles even shook her head at my breast this evening, as in, no thank you, no milk for me. And you better believe that's a first.

Nutmeg, however, seems almost fully recovered and we are only too anxious to send her to school tomorrow. In the last couple of days, especially today, her behavior has just been off the hook. She's hyper, which I can understand after all the time she's been stuck in the house. But she also seems like she's just not listening to us anymore. We'll ask her to do something three or four times without her even looking at us. She'll instead be humming to herself, playing, anything but focusing.

I did a Google search to see if there was any connection between suffering from a fever and developing bratty behavior. I even Googled "fever" and "ADD." I didn't come up with anything.

I dunno, maybe it's just stir crazy, being away from school so long, getting spoiled during Christmas and her illness, her ongoing tiredness. I'd blame the root beer, juice and popsicles I've been feeding her, except she never seems to finish a drink, even a delicious root beer.


Kori said...

With regard to Nutmeg's not listening, do you think she maybe has some residual crud in her ears? Could it be her hearing, in part?

So sorry about Pebbles---I hope you get some relief promptly and without hassle tomorrow at the doc's office.

Sara said...

You're probably not giving Nutmeg anything other than the antibiotics, (cold medicines can make kids uber-hyper), but maybe the prescription is making her a little hyper??

And, after the zillions of ear infections that Grace has had, I have learned that kids' hearing can definitely be affected when recovering from an ear infection. They can still have fluid behind the eardrum for some time after the infection clears, which can affect hearing.

Here's to hoping your house is sickness-free very soon!