Saturday, January 05, 2008

Baby's Food List for 2008

We use this blackboard in the kitchen to keep track of the foods we're introducing to Pebbles each month. This week she was trying cranberry juice, so as a joke I added vodka (to the list, not to the baby's juice). Since the kitchen is mainly inhabited by me and little people who don't read, no one saw my joke. But this morning Pebbles grabbed a stick of butter that had fallen on the floor and bit out a chunk. So up went butter. Nutmeg, getting into the spirit of things, shouted out, "toothpaste." Soon, the last modicum of baby feeding decorum was lost.


Kori said...

Hilarious. Eat dirt, baby!

How about crow as a next nonsensical entry?

Sara said...

mmm...cranberry juice and vodka.

you could add a "simpsons" dimension to the list by adding "my shorts"...