Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who needs scary movies? Scary newspaper articles have sequels too

I find myself in Wisconsin on yet another Sunday, and, lo and behold, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a part deux to its plastics expose. Even scarier than last week's installment, today's focuses on bisphenol A, that stuff they put in the hard plastic baby bottles, dental sealants and sport water bottles. The Journal reviewed hundreds of studies linking bisphenol A (often at low doses) to infertility, breast cancer, prostate cancer and hyperactivity.

Sound like any kind of problems we have these days?

I'll be clipping their advice box on how to avoid bisphenol A and other potentially dangerous chemicals for my fridge.

In a way, it all seems so hopeless. The government isn't listening to the warning studies and the warnings are being drowned out by industry-sponsored studies that claim the chemicals in plastics are safe. And the suggestions -- a cloth shower curtain instead of vinyl? an all-natural crib mattress? I cannot deal with the expense and impracticality of such things without knowing for sure if they will help my family at all. And even in retrospect, I would never really know if it did any good. They don't grow up infertile and cancer ridden? Probably wasn't meant to be. They do? Could have been caused by anything or nothing.

However, there's a "glass half full" view here too. We already know the human population is thick with all kinds of cancer and unexplained growing syndromes. Here is an avenue of research that has the potential to save more lives than any kind of wonder drug -- pinpointing toxins that might be causing the illness and getting rid of them. It worked with lead and tobacco and asbestos.

Of course, it's tough to bankroll a cure for cancer that not only costs nothing, it actually costs the opposite of something -- i.e. taking commercial products off the market. Who's gonna fund that?


Kori said...

Ack! 80% of my teeth are actually just glorified fillings! No wonder we "enjoyed" three years of infertility.

Okay, I won't jump to conclusions, but I want to! I really want to!

And in answer to your funding question, it won't be Republicans.

True Mama said...

We have this shower curtain:

Not that expensive and easy to maintain.

The rubber twin mattress we bought *was* ungodly expensive, but it's supposed to last for at least twenty years. And since my son spends about half his time laying on it I consider it an investment in his health.

I personally feel that the less of a toxic load we create in our bodies, the better, even if we can't be "perfect."

True Mama said...

Okay, that link doesn't really show up. But check out the shower curtain liners at Target -- it was $15 or $20. :)

Moxie Mom said...

Thanks for the info. Since I tend to get very overwhelmed by all the lead recalls and plastic issues, my eyes swim unless I have a manageable, bulleted list.

Sad I know.