Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feeling Strangely Crafty

It must be the weather, because an unfamiliar feeling has come over me this week: The urge to make crafts. I am the woman who cannot cut a straight line into a sheet of wrapping paper, whose handwriting slopes down the page and whose lipstick is always outside the lines , and forget about trying eyeliner.

But, fortunately, 3-year-olds have low standards.

Here's what we made today:

What is it? Fair question. It's an advent calendar, with each candy cane labeled as a day. I had been -- again, strangely -- unable to locate an advent calendar this year, I guess because I just don't get out enough lately. So we made it, and the Nut is pretty pleased with it.

Yesterday, we made homemade hot cocoa mix. I can't find the recipe that we used but there are a million of them online. I was excited to see one recipe out there where you grind up candy canes and blend it in with the powder. We will definitely do that once the candy canes are mostly broken, which they will be soon because like Halloween candy they have been Nutmeg's favorite toy.

This is what I did yesterday:

It's a little rack with a basket for each family member, sitting just over a heating grate. For holding our hats and gloves. And cell phones. Fortunately, Nutmeg hasn't complained about the fact that it had to be inserted smack in the middle of her play kitchen.

Its part of my ongoing effort to make this house the most organized place we've ever lived, which isn't exactly a high bar. I get very jazzed when I create a place for things that previously were lying around on the floor or on countertops. I'm less jazzed within a day or two when I realize that the only person who will ever put things in this new "proper place" is me. Well, Nutmeg will with step-by-step coaching, but Epu strenuously resists such coaching.

While we're at it, here are a couple pics of our house decorated for the holidays:

Like that dismal light out the window? That's MID-AFTERNOON. Love December in the upper Midwest, oh yeah.

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Bert said...

Lady, you're like Martha Stewart's cousin out there! Great stuff! Wish we could just grab a Southwest flight out there. See you April, though. :)