Tuesday, December 04, 2007


OK, Epu was very surprised that I was upset by this, but you be the judge. Taking your wife's less-than-1-year-old, shiny, heavy KitchenAid mixer off the counter, into the back of the car, and over to a friend's house to make cookies? Without asking?

When I first saw it in the back of the car, I was just annoyed. When we turned a couple gentle corners and the mixer rolled and bumped all over the trunk? I'm not too proud to say there were some tears.

Fortunately, the mixer appears to be no worse for its Saturday journey (and by the way I am no worse for my own Saturday journey, about which I will blog soon). Even more miraculously, Epu actually apologized, which is a rare event from Mr. Stubborn who believes apologies should only be made when one truly has regret in one's heart.* Is that some kind of Catholic thing, or what?

With the apology, I completely forgave him before the day was over, probably a record for cantankerous me. For some reason, those two little words ("I'm sorry") make my bad feelings dissolve so quickly. But I know the scarcity of apologies at our house is largely my own fault. If I didn't get all bent and expect apologies over so many small things (refusal to leave coat in designated mud room, repeated failure to bring something with him when he goes upstairs or downstairs), there would be more "sorry" left for the moderate (missing dinner due to "lost track of time") to large (rates new bride as a 7 on a scale of 10) offenses.

* Nutmeg, on the other hand, told me outright: "I say sorry so I don't get spanked."


Sara said...

oh geez...i know that if i so much as TOUCH aaron's kitchen aid mixer, i'm in big trouble. i think you let him off easy. ;-)

Notta Wallflower said...

It's hard for me to say. I love Nut's reasoning for saying "sorry". Too funny!

Bert said...

Ouch! Now those last two are real offenses. Hope you got sorries for those. :)

Carrie said...

LOL. At the time, Epu refused to say sorry for the "7 out of 10" rating and that very refusal led to a fight that ruined at least two days of our honeymoon.

Over the years, he has noticed that I have never come around to his point of view (that only professional models should be rated a 10, 9 reserved for exceptionally beautiful actresses, 8 for other people whose job it is to look good, and 7 for the best looking regular people). So I believe he did apologize, years later, as he could finally appreciate how much distress the comment caused me.

In his defense, he did not give me the 7 rating unprovoked. I was reading a magazine piece about couples rating each other, and I ASKED him. Stupid question, eh?

Moxie Mom said...

Um, I have to say you asked for the comment. Sorry.
Having said that, he should have known that every once in a while we ask questions that we really do not want a fully honest answer to.

He should have looked at the bigger picture and told you (more or less) what you wanted to hear.
So shame on him :-)

Carrie said...

Moxie -- Oh, believe me, I've learned my lesson. This was 10 years ago, remember.