Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things I Learned This Weekend

1) Having More Kids Would Make Me Less Happy: According to a Cookie magazine poll, "parents of 2 are happiest -- 92 percent rated their marriages 'satisfactory' or 'as strong as ever," whereas only 61 percent of those with 4 or more kids gave their marriages the same rating."

2) If you have kids with your "fiance"* Wolfgang Puck, even if one is just 6 months old, you can spend your afternoon sipping champagne in a designer dress before changing into a different designer dress to welcome fancy Hollywood company. This according to Harper's Bazaar.

3) But, if you have kids with your husband Jerry Seinfeld, even though you are probably even richer than the future Mrs. Wolfgang Puck, you reserve Sunday afternoons for making and freezing several batches of pureed vegetables to add to your weeknight dinners, according to Cookie. And you write a book about it. OK, great, but a) haven't you noticed that "The Sneaky Chef," already on the market, is based on the same premise? and b) Can't you pay people to do that?

4) You can learn a lot from magazines you find in one of your neighbors' Dumpsters. But, you know, "[They weren't] down in. [They were] sort of on top."

5) From American Public Media's Marketplace: Even if you cut your lifestyle way back for an American family -- walking or bussing to work, $30 monthly electricity bill, etc., if the entire planet's population lived like that, it would still take 3 planet earths to support us all. Then again, "If everyone in the world consumed like the average American, we'd need about six Earths to sustain ourselves."
So: Does trying to conserve matter at all?

6) If you ever get the chance to ride a mechanical bull, you should TOTALLY DO IT! It is so, so fun. Then again, I knew the man operating the bull at Epu's company party was going to go easy on me when he complimented my purse as I signed the waiver.

* Sorry, Gelila, but doesn't referring to the father of your two children your "fiance" embarrass you just a little?


Notta Wallflower said...

I wonder what the stats are on "parental happiness" of couples with one child? I can see why couples with 4 or more kids are less happy. I can't even fathom what that might be like...

Unknown said...

are you channeling seinfeld or what?! ;) for a minute there, i was sure you were going to segue into a review of the bee movie. :)

you must post pics of mechanical bullriding... all's fair in mommyblogging and picture posting...