Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Poll

I just contacted the photographer who created Nutmeg's gorgeous holiday card last year. We were thinking about doing a sitting with both girls to create cards and some Christmas gifts. But yikes, her rates have gone up and doing a sitting and photo package would pretty much take up most of our Christmas budget, not to even mention cards.

So here's what I wanna know, from those few of you who are normally on my Christmas gift list: If you had to choose between getting a regular gift from us, or only getting a portrait of the girls, what would you rather have? And do you prefer calendars or framed portraits?

I feel like it would be selfish for us to blow our Christmas budget on portraits, since we would enjoy them ourselves, probably more than anyone. Then again, if I decide not to do a sitting, and my gift recipients are heavily disappointed, that's not so merry either.

Anyone who's not normally on my list (I wish I could gift you all, darlings) is also welcome to weigh in. Are holiday photo gifts and photo cards a welcome substitute for anonymous retail goods or just an exercise in self-aggrandisement?


Abby said...

Have you looked into Shutterfly? They would be your own pictures (i.e. ones you took) but you could still create the photocards and/or calendars at a fraction of the price! And I'm sure they would be equally as cute - seeing as the girls are darling and probably don't even require an overprice photographer to make them look so :)

Carrie said...

Yeah, if I don't take them for a portrait sitting I will certainly send out a snapshot, whether as a card or a card insert.

I do think the photographer earns her fee. The portraits she took of Nutmeg last year were more beautiful than any other pics we have of her. But it's true, with so many zillions of photos we already have of these kids, is it worth spending so much for a few more?

Bert said...

Oooo! I want to weigh in. I think that you should do what feels right to you. If you want portraits of your two little lovelies, then I think that's what you should do. Especially since they'll never, ever be this age again. Sunrise, sunset.

Mikaila said...

I've always thought that beautiful framed photos made wonderful gifts (and I enjoy receiving them from people). That's my two cents...

margaret said...

well, shoot, I'd prefer a pony myself.

Joke. I think the portraits sound wonderful.

And hey I've been meaning to tell you and Epu for eons now, but Brian and I are pregnant! The little guy's expected in mid-April.

Love and I hope all is well, Margaret

P.S. We just visited Jessica, Chien, et al., in Beijing!