Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Day After

Almost all the photos I took yesterday are terribly blurred. Was my flash off? My camera accidentally clicked off autofocus? I bet that's it. Anyway, the above are the bagel ghosts with which we started our day.

Anyway, this shot gives you the basic idea of our "friendly orange ghost" and her kitty cat treat bag. Everything went off smashingly, even getting Pebbles' regularly scheduled bedtime routine in at the heart of trick-or-treat time. Thanks to the grandparents who came to visit for the day and the husband who came home from work early.

After the hubbub was over, my parents showed up for one of their regular overnight stays and we ordered pizza and set up our backyard outdoor fire dish for the first time. Mmm, fire. It was cozy.

Nutmeg is currently having a ball shuttling candy from one location to another throughout the house. Pebbles is having a ball trying to follow her. Mommy is harrumphing about the Christmas ads she is now seeing in the papers, appearing like clockwork the moment trick-or-treating ends. And, making a huge bach of baked "ziti" from this recipe.

It's what passes for domestic bliss around here, or will be when Epu makes his way home.


Bert said...

Aw! Everyone looks so cute! And congrats on the bedtime thing! I really want to go visit you and sit by the outside fire. I love good cozy with great friends.

Abby said...

Just did you get the bagels to look oblong and not round? I love them and would love to do them with my class next Halloween - what a healthy Halloween treat!

Carrie said...

I just trimmed the sides. The funny thing is when I planned to make bagel ghosts I didn't even think of how the gaping hole in the middle would make a good mouth. Duh.