Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baby Checkup

Pebbles had a check-up yesterday. She is 15 pounds, 10 ounces. Right on the 10th percentile, whereas before she had been just above the 10th. The doctor still said this is not a problem, especially since Nutmeg was small for her age as a baby. She did not advise us to change anything about her feeding.

She was impressed that Pebbles is now sleeping 13 hours a night, and didn't think that waking up twice during that time to eat was bad at all. She said that in her experience most babies just do not sleep through the night until 15 pounds or so, and even now, getting down to one night feeding would be pretty good. I agree.

I told her I wanted to get Pebbles napping regularly before tackling the night feedings, and the doctor laughed and said if she was not napping well by now it was not going to happen. But I disagree, since I know plenty of babies develop better nap schedules as they age. Nutmeg, for instance, was only napping once a day starting at around 9 or 10 months, and it was hard to get her down for that, but then her Chinese nanny got her back to twice a day and after about a month she was going down for both like a dream. Nutmeg's BFF back in SF used to be a short napper like Pebbles, and then at age 2 he was taking 3-hour afternoon naps just like Nutmeg.

Anyway, the doc was pleased with Pebbles' development, of course, and proclaimed her a healthy little peanut.

Her new foods lately: spinach (this week, and she likes it), pinto beans, raw apple, hard-cooked egg yolk, grapefruit. Juice from a cup is a special treat for her and she really works at it. Also, we got the Baby Safe Feeder (yam sock) back from EJ's parents and it will make an appearance at her first Thanksgiving just as it did at Nutmeg's.

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