Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You want scary? I got scary.

I cannot fit into most of my interpregnancy pants, i.e. the pants I wore after the first kid but before the second one. I got around this by wearing sweats in the postpartum period and then shorts all summer. What with the warm fall, I may be the only woman in history to give birth in February and still own hardly any pants that fit come October.

So today I hauled out my old jeans from back before Nutmeg was born. They are a bigger size than my interpreg. pants, because, yes, I ended up a size smaller after the whole adventure the first time around. Not this time, and it is NOT helping that Nutmeg loves to play with her Halloween treats but inconsiderately refuses to eat them up before I can get to them.

Anyway, these jeans were apparently manufactured before the invention of stretch denim. They are high-waisted and straight-legged, which I understand is back in style, so I figured they'd do. Sure, they'll do, when I decide to get into a torture kink. If I had any curtains on my house yet, I'd walk around with these House of Horrors jeans unzipped. Instead I have to sit here typing with my knees spread at right angles and my torso leaning forward. Oh, it's hot. Did we all live like this back in the dark days of 2003? OK, maybe these jeans are a little too small for me.

So, I am going to have to get myself out there shopping for jeans. That hasn't really been on the agenda here at the Pebbles Sleep Clinic, where the daily schedule of preschool pickup and drop-off, trying for a nap, meals and lengthy bedtime preparation doesn't leave more than an hour or two for leaving the house. Given that it takes a good half hour sometimes to get these two girls ready to leave the house, it's pretty much time to head back as soon as they're strapped into the car.

Well, I'll have to work it into the schedule, before I end up with a zipper mark on my womb. I'll be the only woman on earth who never had a C-section but has the scar anyway.

Speaking of scary, have a look at our schedule for Halloween tomorrow:

8 a.m.-ish Grandparents and their dog arrive. Bagels decorated like ghosts are served.
9 a.m. Preschool, in costume. Nutmeg is snack meister. Creepy green booty is served along with milk. The kids trick-or-treat in school and parade around the block.
12 p.m. Rush home to see the neighborhood elementary school costume parade
12:30 p.m. Lunch at home.
1 p.m. Help mommy make hors-d'oeuvre for block party.
2 p.m. Rest? (bwa-hahahahahaha)
3:30 p.m. Block party begins
5 p.m. trick or treating
8 p.m. Other grandparents arrive
9 p.m. Mommy collapses.
???? Nutmeg actually comes down of the ceiling and goes to bed.

Now, if you're me, cross reference that with Pebbles' sleep schedule and the photocopied block party schedule on your fridge. Teeth chattering? Or is that just me?


Sara said...

Ah, the preschool costume parade. Gracie is participating in hers tomorrow as well.

I just have to figure out how the heck to get out of work at a decent hour to drive 30 minutes to take her trick-or-treating. How silly of us to attend a birthday party on Sunday when the rest of Milwaukee had trick-or-treating. Now we have to drive to the 'burbs to get our sugar fix.

And, I find that Old Navy jeans work well with the post-pregnancy bulge.

Anonymous said...

wait till you get to the age when you figure compfort first, style later.. the jeans i wear now come with elastic sides and i like them.. mind you i no longer find denim the most comfortable. that shows that i am past the skinny weight of my youth..its comfort all the way now...