Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Working It

Lately, driven by the challenge of making ends meet with a new house and tuition for our cheap-ass preschool, I've been dipping my toe into the freelance world. It's gone well: I am already working on a small assignment for a major magazine.

I have also joined the ranks of the probloggers. My first post on Wise Bread can be found here. For the moment, I'll be writing about frugal living and personal finance. So far, that first post has earned 10 cents, exactly enough to pay for the lovely fall coat I snagged for Nutmeg at the Parenthesis consignment sale, which is, fittingly enough, the topic of the post.

I've found that spending a couple hours a day writing and reporting has been good for my mental health. I had this funny feeling as I started to look for freelance work that no one would want me, as if my years at a major daily newspaper meant nothing. I actually got out a wooden plaque for an award I won -- best technology story of the year from the Peninsula Press Club -- and put it on my desk to encourage myself. So yeah, it's been a big confidence boost to get an assignment right away, in fact on my first pitch.

Spending a few hours a day on anything other than the kids and home running/maintenance has not been good for our environment, though. So here's hoping I can make enough money to pay for both preschool and a cleaning lady.


Bert said...

Woo-hoo! You go, SuperMom!

Anonymous said...

If you like the Parenthesis sale, you should also go to the mothers of multiples sales. It's also held twice a year, usually at the Oak Park Arms:

babyboyg said...

Nice article on Wise Bread. I sort of miss your "voice" there, though. So informative, but not as funny as your regular blog :-)

BTW, how do you make money from your article? Just thinking that if it's by people clicking on ads or something, we faithful readers could help you out!?!

BTW again, this is Laura. Wife of Dan. We met last year at J's wedding. I really do faithfully read your blog, and have for over a year. I just never commented. Guess I'm outed now for the stalker I am.

Carrie said...

Hi Laura! I think today is one of those national "delurking" days, so how appropriate of you to post now.

You are correct on how I earn money via Wise Bread (up to 63 cents! that's 6 items of clothing!). However, we are not allowed to tell people to click. I would NEVER! lol.

You might have also noticed that I put ads up on this site, but I have not so far been able to figure out how much money I am making on them. I will just sit back and wait for my fat check, I guess. ;-) I also don't remember if they need to be clicked or if I get paid just for the impressions.

babyboyg said...

Thanks for NOT telling me. We'll just see what I do with that non-information.