Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What Hath Al Gore Wrought? A Tooty Ta

Yesterday Nutmeg said she wanted to go to a CD store and buy a copy of "A Tooty Ta," a song she dances to almost daily at school. I went online and couldn't find a copy of the whole song for download, but I did find several YouTube videos of kids dancing to it. We played a girl named Carley dancing to "A Tooty Ta," and we danced along in our living room.

Then Nutmeg, quite sensibly, wanted to know where Carley is in RL (real life). In a few years I'm sure she'll be IM'ing Carley that omg, my mom is so laaaame or whatever the hot slang will be for fourth graders in 2013.

Now, I often think about the crazy world we are bringing these kids into, the weather catastrophes and financial decline and whatnot. But until now I never really realized that Nutmeg will grow up taking for granted that nearly anything -- even a "friend" to dance "A Tooty Ta" with -- will be available instantly with a few keystrokes.

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Anonymous said...

I teach kindergarten and my class also LOVES this song - Dr. Jean's CDs are great for teaching and learning. If Nutmeg enjoys this song, then download "Shake My Sillies Out" by Raffi (also entertaining!).