Tuesday, October 16, 2007

That's Cacti, Nutmeg

We have already read too far for Nutmeg in the Little House books -- against my better judgement I read about a riot at a railroad camp with "rough language," and Laura's long descriptions of the scenery to blind Mary are a little dull. Despite all that, Nutmeg has been listening attentively and if she and her dad read ahead without me, she can always accurately fill me in on what happened.

Still, I thought it was time to put the Little House books on the shelf and tap into something more age-appropriate. So I checked out "Ramona and Beezus," by Beverly Cleary. At first, Nutmeg said she wanted to finish "On the Shores of Silver Lake," but after hearing one page of the Ramona book, she was hooked.

You might not have even noticed this if you read this series as a child, but the hilarious thing about the Ramona books is that the era changes as Ramona ages. Beverly Cleary wrote them over many decades, and she always set them in the present, as far as I know. So, while the last Ramona book I remember reading seemed perfectly modern to me, this first one features Beezus in a flared little skirt and bobby socks. It's great.

Also, Nutmeg now knows how to read the pictures on packaging for clues about their contents. At first Epu was delighted because he thought she read the word "vanilla" on her yogurt, but it was really the picture of the little flower that told her.

Today, she informed me: "Mommy! Salsa is made out of cactuses!"

Oh, and not to forget Pebbles: She pointed to something in the store today. It was in Whole Foods, actually. Congratulations, Ma'am, it's a yuppie!


Artist4life925 said...

Yous should find some Mrs. Piggly Wiggly books to her. They're really cute and grew up reading them :D

Artist4life925 said...

Ugg I meant find some and read them to her. Although I hope she doesn't get any ideas from them.

Notta Wallflower said...

That's a good memory - I read almost all of the Beverly Cleary books, and Ramona was my favorite. I guess that's what I'll miss about not having a girl. Instead of Ramona, I will have to sit through the adventures of Captain Underpants (which I've already experienced once). :-/