Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Since it's not fun to write about sleepytime hell here*, instead let's take a look at Nutmeg's surfeit of Halloween activities.

* Pebbles cried it out last night, took almost 2 hours. Can't repeat tonight because now she has Nutmeg's cold, so the whole nightmare was a waste. Nutmeg hasn't been to school all week. No school + no baby naps = aaaargh.

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Kori said...

I'm so sorry about the crying it out and the cold. EJ's nose got crusty today---I think this stuff is going around.

The bedtime adjustment is so hard, even without the crying part. Easing EJ's bedtime earlier really made a huge difference, but it took awhile to get it to between 6-6:30---probably two weeks to inch it up, at the least.

As for the crying it out....:(