Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mini Family Vacation

Over Labor Day weekend the girls, Epu and I took an airplane to Tucson to participate in the wedding of a dear friend. It was Pebbles' first plane ride and she enjoyed it just fine, since she likes sitting around in Mommy and Daddy's arms. Nutmeg of course is a big air travel fan already.

Some of our San Francisco friends were there and met Pebbles for the first time. And enjoyed happy reunions with Nutmeg. Pebbles taught herself to clap and even clapped along during applause at the toasts. Those toasts that we caught when we were not off in the bridal changing room changing a very poopy diaper. Not that you asked, but now that Pebbles is eating cereal, applesauce and other solids, it's really time to switch to premium diapers.

There was lots of swimming, which is a good thing because now we're in that cruel period here at home where the weather is hot but the public pools are closed.* We saw a huge tarantula in the outdoor eating area of the lovely wedding, which certainly made me think twice about turning my back while the baby crawled around the floor of our hotel suite. Yeah, suite -- our hosts found a golf resort that was under construction and thus renting 3-room suites for $72 a night.

Anyway, a picture's worth 1,000 words, and some of these are so cute they should be worth $1,000 worth of modeling gigs. According to the Sun Times, that would be 20 hours of work at the starting rate for child models of $50 an hour. By the way, scrolling through these pics I see we captured not a single shot of the bride. That's what you get when you turn over the camera to a 3-year-old and her daddy, I guess. We'll have to wait for the professional shots to come out.

* Maybe I should take advantage of what might be our last day off during hot weather and take the girls to Lake Michigan Friday morning. Any Chicago mommies out there want to join me?


Kori said...

Oooh, beach? Good thought, chica. We have some nice ones down here on the south side (or so I've heard).

The only complicating factor is that my parents are visiting tomorrow. We should discuss.

Your kids are super cute, as always. :)

Bert said...

Dude, this bride couldn't have competed with all of that cuteness, anyway.

Unknown said...

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