Saturday, September 29, 2007

Episode 2,899 of Nutmeg Says the Darndest Things

Nutmeg May Be Hindu

Nutmeg: Before we were born, we were animals.
Me: Really? Who told you that?
Nutmeg: Nobody. I just knowed it.
Me: Do we become animals again after we die?
Nutmeg: No. Then we become skeletons.

Nutmeg Could Be a Naming Consultant:

Me: We're going to Oaktoberfest (our village's lame fall festival)
Nutmeg: It's September. We're going to Oaktemberfest

Overheard at Nutmeg's School:

Teacher: Today is J's last day at school. We'll be sorry to see J go!
Nutmeg: I'm glad J is leaving.
Three Other Girls in Class: Yeah, I'm glad J is leaving too.
J: (Silence and apparent insouciance.)

4-year-old O: I have a fever.
Teacher: You have a fever??
O: Yeah, and I was choking in my bed half the night.
Teahcer: Why did you come to school then?
O: I had to bring in all the leaves I collected (for their autumn leaf wreathes)

Kid: This leaf has a nipple on it.
Teacher: Um... don't say nipple in school.

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