Monday, August 06, 2007

Six Months

Filbertine is six months old today. She can stand up holding onto a crib rail or table. Did I mention that? We had to take the basinette out of the Pack N Play even though she's not near the 15-pound weight limit, and we lowered the crib mattress and took down the mobile. A couple days ago she was likely to topple over when she pulls to a stand, but now she's getting much steadier.

She's also getting the hang of alternate leg and hand crawling.

She's saying a bunch of new syllables: dadada, gaga, baba and some things in between.

She's eating oatmeal and carrots, both mixed with breast milk, although I can't say she shows much enthusiasm or either. Yet when she sees us eat, she smacks her mouth urgently and grabs for anything on the table she can reach.

She's riding around in the Ergo backpack* now instead of the sling. She is way too wiggly in the sling, and so far she likes the new vantage point and relative freedom of movement in the Ergo. Having her on my back is also easier and less hot in this sticky weather we're having.

What she doesn't do:

Sleep through the night. Drink from a cup or a bottle.

Nevertheless, we are talking about leaving both girls with a sitter Saturday night so we can go to Karaoke Restaurant with friends. We'll see. Last week Filbertine went bowling, so maybe this week she'll go to karaoke.

P.S. My brother bought a house on his first day of his new job in Kenosha! I'm so happy for him . :-)

* The picture on the link shows a woman wearing it as a front pack, but it also works as a backpack. It actually makes a better backpack.


Notta Wallflower said...

Fil sounds like she's doing quite well! It's good that she babbles as much as she does - that is encouraging. As far as sleeping through the night, I don't know what the norm is. K didn't sleep through the night until he was almost a year old. I thought I might die. :-P

Carrie said...

There's really no "norm" for sleeping through the night. I know plenty of people who say their babies slept through the night at 6 or 7 weeks and even a few whose babies slept through as soon as they came home from the hospital.

But for Nutmeg, and for plenty of other kids I've heard about, it didn't really happen reliably until after she turned 2. I think for her, getting her own bedroom made the difference.