Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nutmeg = Brilliant, Lady at Store = Not So Much

I like pushing the girls in their "sit and stand" stroller because Pebbles faces front so she can see the world and Nutmeg faces me so we can talk. A few days ago she had an epiphany moment that stunned me.

We were talking about something coming up later this year, maybe snow coming in winter. One of us mentioned that after the snowy winter, it would be summer again.

"It keeps going around and around," she said, and I concurred.
But this is the part that floored me: "And I will grow up, and Pebbles will grow up, and I will have children, and Pebbles will have children, and my children will have children, and Pebbles' children will have children. It keeps going around and around."

Then there's those Nutmeg predictions, which are sometimes quite grim. After getting over my amazement over Nutmeg's grasp of the cyclical nature of life, I said, "Yeah, and I really hope I will be here to see your children's children."

Nutmeg looks sad, and says, "We will really miss you!"

Oh well. I guess longevity isn't in my future, so I might as well load up on cheesecake now.

Lady in front of me at the grocery store, on the other hand, is not so brilliant. I had spied a magazine cover wherein Britney Spears' nannies tattled on her for such offenses as being drunk with her babies and -- gasp -- insisting the boys share her bed. I grabbed the magazine in the name of blog research, hoping to find out whether the nannies were concerned that Britney slept with the boys while she was intoxicated, which might really be a health concern, or if they were just blindly lumping bed sharing with crappy parenting.

As I reached, the lady in front of me pointed out another cover that claimed that Brit told her boys, "You were both mistakes."

"Oh, I tell my kids that every day," I said with a grin.
"Oh! Really?" the woman looked shocked. "I never told my kids that. Even if it was true."

Um, yeah, lady at the store. I was actually joking. Sorry to hear about your accidental kids, though.

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