Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm Mature Enough to Give Props to Someone Having Entirely Too Much Fun in the Postpartum Period

Maggie Mason is the San Francisco author of the blog Mightygirl. A year or two ago, I wrote an article about bloggers selling merchandise on their sites and we put her in the photo, with our photographer working around the fact that the T-shirts she was selling bore the F-word.

Anyhoo, she had a baby this year a month after I did. Since giving birth, she has managed to to to Europe, get shitfaced, bachelorette party in Vegas, and apparently continue writing. She was also written up in the Chronicle for designing a darling little nursery for her son in their small SF apartment.

Yeah, I'm not bitter. Or anything!

But I loved this post I saw on her site recently. God, if you exist, I second Mason's sentiment: Thanks for my awesome baby too!

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Moxie Mom said...

I (Heart) Mighty Girl. But she does tend to show everyone up with her grace and ease.

And yet, that's why I like her.