Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paintjob Sigh

Today after the girls went down for a nap I sprinted down to the bathroom and taped up some plastic dropcloth so I could finally get some paint on the walls. Epu wandered by and asked what color I was going to paint it.

Me: Oh, one of those quarts we bought that we didn't end up using in the living room, like Heirloom Rose or the other one.
Epu: I really liked Heirloom Rose. I picked it out.
Me: Really? I kind of liked the other one. But OK, I'll use Heirloom Rose.

Later, as yellowish paint dries, kids are up, and Epu walks by again, I take a look and don't really like what I see.

Me: So, you really like that color?
Epu: No, not at all. I said I liked Heirloom Rose.
Me: But that is Heirloom Rose.
Epu: I meant that nice rose color, the light red one.
Me: That would be Rhubarb.
Epu: And I said don't paint it the color of a corpse. Which this is.

Oh well, as my mother-in-law says, done is good, and the downstairs bathroom is now practically done. All we need to do is prime the mysterious pipe that was uncovered when handyman Reuben removed the dropped ceiling, and hang up a towel ring or some such fixtures.

Also today, Reuben installed a ceiling fan in the bathroom that vents to the outside. And Epu has finally finished cleaning the dust from the impromptu basement wall replacement and is currently finishing bleaching mold off the basement walls.

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