Friday, July 06, 2007

My Little Inchworm

Filbertine was able to move a few inches forward last night on the smooth, slippery surface of our bedspread. It's hilarious, mainly because she uses about 100 times as much energy as would be necessary if she had any kind of technique. The way she managed to move forward is inchworm style: First she gets on her hands and knees and rocks forward with startling force, over and over and over. Eventually she collapses onto her tummy. Then, after awhile, she gets back on her hands and knees. The rocking sometimes gets her maybe a centimeter ahead, but the real movement comes between falling down and getting back up. Poor cutie.

On the tile floor, today, she is back to mainly moving backwards. Just now I tossed her the cardboard box from my dinner of On-Cor Salisbury Steak (she desperately wanted to teethe the box, probably because it was cold from the freezer), and she moved herself a foot away from it while reaching for it. She was _not_happy_.

She now likes to say, "la la la," which I can only attribute to our incessant listening to that one song from The Shin's "Wincing the Night Away" this summer.

Despite all this activity, she still goes to bed late, gets up earlyish, and today she took a nice afternoon nap (over 3 hours) but no morning nap. Now it's 20 to 7, and I'm looking forard to completing my taping and priming of the living room, but I figure I've got a good 3 hours before the little monkey passes out. The Nut is with her grandparents, Epu's parents this time. But I am realizing, sadly, that while life is easier with only one kid, I don't get a heck of a lot more work done since Fil doesn't sleep much more than Nut.

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