Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm so proud of my girls today.

I took them to an afternoon Cubs game, which means, of course, a naptime Cubs game. The Nut had a great time not because she likes watching baseball but because she likes sitting on laps like Grammy's, Grampy's, Uncle Randy's and Great Grandpa Bobby's, and she doesn't at all hate eating hot dogs or malt cups either. Fil caught a half hour nap until the Cubs started racking up so many friggin runs and the cheering woke her up.

But what really makes me proud is that instead of taking them home after the game, I took them to Millenium Park to a free Decemberists concert. Really! Daddy met us there and we had a nice time and Nutmeg was only slightly antsy and in general enjoyed the experience. The Nut was cheerful because, hey, I gave her a plastic Coke bottle to play with. Yes, I love my kids that much -- I share my recyclables with them.

It felt good to get back into the city. I also found out on the way home that there is a green line stop very near Millenium Park, which means it's a straight shot to all the wonderful summer activities they have there. That makes me feel not so far from the city. Which I needed after the hour-long El ride to Wrigley Field. (Wah!)

It rained a little during the concert but we were under a tree and barely got wet at all. But it started storming like crazy just as we were getting to our car parked near the El in Oak Park, and when Epu hopped out to get his bike, he got soaked. It's funny, normally we would not drive to the El because it is not that far, but I happened to have an errand right before we left this morning so we took it. Now I'm really glad we did or I don't know how poor Epu would have gotten home in the downpour.

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