Monday, June 25, 2007


As soon as Nutmeg's bathing suit comes out of the dryer we are leaving for swimming lessons, so this is a quick update.

1. The doctor was very nice and didn't scold me at all when I told him I was taking Nutmeg's ciprofloxan or whatever they were called eye drops. Both he and the nurse were suitably impressed at how very inflamed my eyes were, and this was after some improvement from taking Claritan and possibly from being out of my dusty house for an hour.

He couldn't say for sure, but he agreed that it looked more like an allergy than an infection. Just to be safe, he prescribed drops called blephamide (heehee, funny name) that contain both a steroid and antibiotics. Now that my eyes are on steriods, I can actually see all of you while you are reading this blog. Actually, there was almost immediate improvement -- hardly any pain now, much less redness, some reduction in itching, and most mornings my eyes opened when I woke up.

Except this morning, when I had to get Epu to get me a hot compress before I could see. Since we were at the cabin all weekend, this leads me to believe that I am allergic to our new home. Hopefully, just the remaining plaster dust in the new home. So I guess there will be some HEPA vacuuming after swimming lessons.

By the way, to the person who mentioned Patanol, I was actually taking that as well last week because my mom gave me some that she uses, but it didn't help. And if you think Patanol is expensive, Blephamide is about $100 a tiny bottle, before insurance.

2. The cabin was so great. So much relaxation and time to actually enjoy our daughters, who it turns out are charming and adorable, not just the impediment to work that I usually see them as these days. My brother came, as well as our friends who had a baby the same week Fil was born, and everybody had a good time. There were songs around the campfire and an afternoon at a local beach.

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Bert said...

Hooray for the cabin! I'm so happy that your family is so fabulous. And very glad that the doctor didn't scold you, but instead helped out! I miss you all.