Friday, June 29, 2007

I Took My Shorties to the Movies

Yesterday I saw an ad for free movies at a multiplex that just opened up north of our new town. Since Pixar's new film, "Ratatouille," was listed as one of the possibilities, I thought it would be a great time to take Nutmeg for her first theater experience. And I figured that no one would mind if I brought an inant to a 9:50 a.m. free showing to a kids' movie on a weekday.

I didn't tell Nutmeg where we were going just in case we got there and weren't able to get tickets. Since our community is surrounded on three sides by low income neighborhoods with mostly African-American residents, I was guessing the multiplex was in one of those. It was, or at least, it was near such a neighborhood but its immediate surroundings seemed to be a railyard and some former industrial empty lots. At any rate, the atmosphere was as I expected, all moms with kids and a few summer day camp groups, and although I was in the racial minority there I felt very comfortable. One mom very sweetly got a booster seat for Nutmeg, since she could see that I had my hands full of baby.

The experience was a challenge. Nutmeg was mostly very good, with only a few outbursts of loud talking. As soon as she settled in her booster seat, she spilled some of her free drink on it, and got up crying because her wet pants were irritating some heat rash she got on our long drive last weekend. The movie was just about to start, and another mom held Filbertine for me while I helped the Nut get dry. We spilled most of our popcorn and a dad offered to get us some more.

We watched most of the movie, but Fil became louder and louder as the film moved towards the end. I love Pixar and was of course anxious to see the end, but eventually I had to bring Nut and Fil into the hallway and eventually out of the theater. There were some other kids running the halls, as you might expect on free day at the movies when the Coke and Hawaiian Punch is free.

As we left, I heard one woman say, ruefully, "You can't even watch a movie with these shorties."

I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about mine, but she pretty much summed up my morning. I'll have to rent "Ratatouille" to find out how it ends. All in all, the kids did pretty well, but still, taking two babies to the theater all by yourself is no walk in the park.

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Moxie Mom said...

Kudos to you for even THINKING of it.
You are braver then me.

I have a hard time taking both my kids some places, but that's because both are mobile and like to be as far away from one another as possible.

This is where a leash would come in handy, if I could get over the idea of buying one.