Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Fil Report

As I type Filbertine is sitting upright on my lap, reaching over my supporting arm at the fishies circulating over her Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing. Like everyday in Boxland, I don't really have time to post, but I had to sit down and record a few things that the amazing Filly is doing.

Mainly, she's grabbing. On our way up to the cabin this weekend, we stopped to meet up with our friends in Spring Green and I put her in the Baby Bjorn while I called my mother for directions to a local fish fry we wanted to visit. But I could barely scratch out the directions because Fil so persistently, and so accuractely grabbed that pen out of my hand. The same thing happens when I try to unpack with her in the Bjorn, sign a credit card receipt, dial my phone. I expect to finally lose that last 10 pounds of baby weight because she never allows me to eat anymore. Right now she's managed to grab the ethernet cable and shove it in her mouth.

Scooting: I almost forgot this huge one! She has scooted backwards, on her tummy, for FEET, often until she hits a barrier, on several occasions. Just now, I looked at her a few minutes ago and she was on her playmat, pushing herself up on her hands and looking around. Now, I find her on the tile floor, two feet away from the mat. She usually sounds frustrated when she is scooting, probably because she is trying to move forward but she ends up farther away from her target. My MIL tells me that Epu crawled at just this age, 4-and-a-half months, so I know where this is leading, and soon.

Sitting: She will sit up for maybe 30 seconds or longer before toppling in one direction or another. This delights her because it allows her to grab for things once out of her reach. Have I mentioned the grabbing?

Interest in food: I am steadfastedly holding out for that 6-month mark before actively feeding anything solid to Filbertine, but I have a feeling she's going to feed herself something solid by then because at every meal she's angling for everything on the table, nonstop.

Rolling: We were stupid and lazy enough to let her sleep on mattresses all last week because we can't find the tool to put the crib together and we hadn't brought the Pack N Play upstairs. But even if she's in the middle of the mattress, this kid will roll over and over, even in her sleep, until she sometimes falls right off the mattress.

Recreation: Yesterday she started vigorously bouncing up and don in her Exersaucer, something Nutmeg never did.


Notta Wallflower said...

Wow, sounds like a lot is happening with Fil. It's interesting how different kids are in their development. At this rate, you'll be chasing after Fil pretty soon. :-P

Anonymous said...

nothing to do with any of that...here's something I just had to pass along to you. I figured that in the midst of boxes and motherhood, you could have a bit hoot.


Not sure which is better...Fluffy Mackerel Pudding or Frankfurter Spectacular. Quite breathtaking!

H sends a shout out to Chi-town!