Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eyes Shut Up

I am so sorry for the extended hiatus. Beyond the busy-ness of moving, I am still suffering from extreme discomfort in both eyes that makes me avoid looking at the computer screen or practically anything. I actually had a doctor's appointment for this on Monday and failed to show up, and believe me, I am regretting it now.

It just occurred to me to wonder if what I'm suffering from is a bizarre allergic reaction to all the dust -- old house under-the-rugs dust, new house new-drywall-and-holes-in-the-walls dust. This would explain why no one around me has caught what I have despite bed sharing and all the necessary physical contact of child rearing. It would also explain the complete failure to respond to the antibiotic eyedrops I've been illicitly taking, the same drops that cured Nutmeg's pink eye in a day or 2.

The reason I haven't really considered that before is that I have no other allergy symptoms -- no sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, sinus pressure, nada. Just sore, bloodshot, teary, mucousy eyes.

But to test the theory I just hit CVS (on the corner of our block, btw, tres convenient) and scored a pack of Benadryl and one of Claritan. If the drugs don't work, our drive to my parents' cabin tomorrow morning will be by way of our old neighborhood so I can make the walk in clinic at my old doctor's office.

Which, duh, I should have done a week ago. I know this. And I am not looking forward to telling a doctor that I've been trying to self-medicate for a week while my eyes threaten to ooze right out of my head. Oh well, any lecture would be worth it to end this discomfort. And, as an added bonus, hopefully if I go to the doctor tomorrow I will not end up going blind from this.

On the house front, I am ordering a cart for my kitchen, because it doesn't have enough counter space to display my very housewifian collection of red Kitchen Aid gadgets. Nutmeg and I partially set up her room today, with a clothing bar in the closet just her height. Then when she was supposed to be napping Nutmeg took all her dresses out of the closet and "unpacked" a box all over the room to boot. Sigh. I'm afraid my reaction was not very gentle, nor understanding. Epu is installing a ceiling fan light in our new living room ceiling light box. I have moved many boxes to the basement to facilitate our moving around the ground floor and upstairs. And, I primed the insides of both bedroom closets, so we can now start putting our clothes away. I also primed the new drywall in the downstairs half bath (the original upper walls in the half bath, hidden by an ugly drop ceiling, were crumbling plaster and super-old paint).


ioio said...

it is most likely allergies. i get these red-rimmed inner eye itchiness, boogers in the corners of my eyes, and they tear and run like crazy.

however, these bizarre allergies in my eyes can can only be cured by the most expensive eye drops that come in THE smallest bottle. it's called Patanol by Alcon.

these always cure my eye problems by the next day. nothing else works.

perhaps ask your eye doc about them?

Kori said...

My mom always has to remind me that my headaches are from allergies, not brain tumors. I'll extend the favor to you---this is probably allergies, and you won't go blind.

I hope the docs don't give you any grief tomorrow---anyone that has moved a whole house with two small children is justified in raiding their own cabinets before they venture out to a medical appointment.

Have a fantastic camping trip---wish we could join you, but can't wait to hear about the fun!

Bert said...

Oh, how I wish I were there to help with all of this! I could lend you my man. He's very tall and much strong than I am, so very good at moving and reaching. And then, I could help you drink wine and dig for more eyedrops.

I hope your trip to the doc goes well. Have fun camping. And I missed you while you were in the blackhole. FYI.