Thursday, May 03, 2007

Three Months, Gone, Just Like That

I think I'm going to not sign up for the Montessori school, and just cross my fingers and bet that a spot in the parks class will open up.

Let's talk about Filbertine, though.

She turned 12 weeks old this week. She grins and grins with dimples as deep as the pit in the backyard. She seems to especially love watching her big sister. She loves it when we sing. She can kick the chimes on her baby gym.

She loves riding in the sling in a kangaroo carry so she can see the whole world. When on her tummy, she will lift her torso up and crane her neck around -- so much so that sometimes she flips herself over on her back. She is so, so adorable, and so easygoing. I complain to Epu because it feels like she is always attached to me, and yeah, I realize it's my choice to do attachment parenting, but it doesn't feel like a choice. When I put the kid down in her swing and she's awake, even if she's not crying I feel guilty. It seems wrong for her to not be with me.

As expected, her gastric problems have decreased markedly in the last couple of weeks. Much, much less spitting up and less grimacing and grunting and clawing me with her sharp little nails. She never cried much to begin with. I've gone back to having some dairy, and chocolate and coffee are back in heavy rotation without apparent consequences. Hallelujah. To celebrate I bought myself a Ritter Sport bar at TJ's today. Don't you love a chocolate bar that's called "sport"? Attention, Ritter Corp.: As much as we wish you were, you are not fooling us.

Oh, and back to Nutmeg, before I go try to lay down my sleeping infant: Today while driving around I told Nutmeg that she'd be going to playschool tomorrow. This is a drop-off program where she had a great time recently and was very excited to go back to.

"I don't want to go to that playschool anymore," she told me. "Now that I'm used to it, I want to go to (name of Oak Park Parks preschool) with the big kids."

Yep, after all of 5 minutes in the classroom, she's "used to it." No other preschool will do. Apparently, as she then explained, her deep longing to return to this class had to do with the presence of a doctor kit there, complete with a thing for looking in ears.

And here I'm making pro and con lists comparing the two preschools. Why, oh why didn't I think of the Looking In Your Ear Thing Index?


Moxie Mom said...

Silly Mommy. Why didn't you measure against the IMPORTANT metrics?

Fil. Is. Absolutely. Yummy!

I hope I get to meet all of you this year. We might be seeing Kori sometime this year!

Notta Wallflower said...

Ha, ha - a perfect time to teach Nut the word "otoscope". :-P Wow, little Fil sounds like a dream baby. I only hope I'm half as lucky. :-)