Monday, April 09, 2007

Home Stretch

We chose a house and our agent is working on an offer. We'll go over it tonight so I guess she'll present it either tonight or tomorrow. Yay!

It's in the Longfellow school district, which was not my first choice. But actually we found out that the school we like best, Lincoln, is within 500 yards of the freeway, which we didn't want for a home or a school. To compound it, the house we loved in the Lincoln district was also within 500 yards. It was so pretty, I won't show you pics because I'm MOVING ON! Actually both houses are lovely inside, the other one also happened to be lovely outside. But it lacked a few little things, i.e. a garage and a bathroom on the ground floor.

So I left Nutmeg in Wisconsin with the ever-accommodating Grandparents (first one set, tomorrow the other) so I could do my taxes, go over the offer tonight with Epu and the agent, research the zillions of choices we have to make this week (general, asbestos and lead inspectors, lawyer, lender, not to mention preschool provider), and of course, get the deal done.

Fingers crossed!


Bert said...

Hooray! I'm crossing my fingers for you, too! Cool that the Lincoln school turns out to have a characteristic that was a deal breaker. Here's to hoping they accept your offer! Can't wait to hear! :)

Notta Wallflower said...

Good luck to you!

Howii said...

Good luck!