Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Nutmeg's 3rd birthday party today. High of 84. Unbelievably beautiful day, such a gift out of the blue, because it has been unseasonably cold and even snowed about 10 days ago. Tomorrow is supposed to be back down in the 50s.

We were all so happy today. All the children we invited were able to come, and they all enjoyed both the organized activities and running around like little wild things in my parents' back yard. There was "ballet" dancing with ribbon sticks and hula hoops, there was much play in Nutmeg's new little tykes cottage, there was a purple ballerina cow, there was running through the sprinkler in underpants. All the kids -- ranging in age from 1 to maybe 5 -- played together nicely and there was no crying, no time-outs. The adults sat around soaking up the sun, sipping cold drinks and enjoying the show.

Some of our lovely guests:

The daughters of two of my favorite cousins. The blondie is wearing Nutmeg's sunglasses. Later, when the kids were in their underwear and wet from the sprinkler, I had trouble telling this girl apart from my OWN DAUGHTER. I walked right up to her, from behind, and demanded that she put her hat back on before realizing I had the wrong one. And I even made the mistake momentarily from the front. It was eerie.

Here's my cousin's daughter again. I love how dykey she looks in this picture, with her new short haircut and polo shirt, all fixin' the Little Tykes roo. That's her older brother on the right, and Nutmeg on the left.

The littlest ballerina. This is the younger sister of the one in the sunglasses.

Beautiful EJ, looking out of the doorway like a pioneer woman looking out over the Western plains.


Notta Wallflower said...

Looks like a great time! Happy Birthday to the Nut!!

Kori said...

I love the captions under the photos. EJ is certainly just like a pioneer woman, where "pioneer woman" means "a lady wearing a hot pink tutu and SPF 50 sunscreen" and "the Western plains" means "the grassy escape route behind the next-door neighbor's garage."

We had the greatest time at the party---it was completely worth the trip to Kenosha! I only wish we could have stayed longer, as I'm sure watching the Nut open her gifts was a hoot. EJ completely collapsed within a few moments of getting to her pack-n-play for a nap, thanks to all that party fun and sun. She now cannot be stopped from saying Nutmeg's name and "birthday party" over and over.

I cannot be stopped from saying, "Bloody Mary." We all remember something special from the party.