Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Pics

Call us hypocrites, opportunists -- just don't call us late for the egg hunt! The first rule of holidays with kids: Photograph them the second they get dressed up. Nutmeg wore that headband for all of 45 seconds, but posterity'll never know.

Finally, photographic evidence of those dimples! Grammy and Grampy brought Fil that dress from Mexico, and the hat was one they bought for Nutmeg but by the time she got it it was too small.

I love this shot because it pretty much sums up the ungodly weather we're having this "spring." And I do not use quotation marks lightly. In fact, it is snowing its ass off out there right now. Since it started snowing this year in October, we are now experiencing month 7 of winter weather. Good thing we're buying a house here! Otherwise we might just be tempted to get on a plane when our lease ends next month and not come back.
Speaking of houses, we got a counteroffer last night and submitted a counter-counter offer this morning. The good news is that the sellers agree to have the asbestos tiles and insulation professionally removed from the basement, which would have cost us a couple grand. But they didn't come down much on their price, so I'm kind of nervous to see how they'll respond to our countercounter offer. With a countercountercounter offer, I imagine. Whee!


Kori said...

So cute! Those dimples are adorable. :)

And yes, this snow is obscene. This winter is so much worst than last winter---I hope we're in for a better one again next year.

Moxie Mom said...

That is the cutest baby EVER!

Good luck with the house!

Notta Wallflower said...

Awww - the girls look so sweet for Easter!! H and I are looking at houses for the first time on Sunday, so we'll be in your boat shortly. Good luck to you guys!!

Bert said...

Good lord, I'm so sorry to be missing this one's babyhood. And Nut looks like an angel, as usual. :)

Anonymous said...

Just surfing the web and see your blog. I've found your kid very beautiful. Congratulation from Hong Kong.