Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1-hand dispatch

i'm breastfeeding so this will be telegraphic:

inspector says the house needs expensive plumbing work.
sellers unlikely to kick in much if anything.
work could be much cheaper if done by a relative sans permit.
ne1 have experience doing home improvement w/out permits around here?

we'll probably still go ahead with the deal.
still waiting for radon results.

1 preschool in op still has spots for fall.
is expensive.
am visiting tomorrow.

kiddie party for the Nut on Sunday.
why must she always have her birthday when we're in the middle of real estate transactions?

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the house!!!! Woohoo...

I would definitely check in on the plumbing issue and what needs to be permitted and what doesn't. In our house, we replaced a bunch of the pipes...but they fed into the crawl space so that was easy to do b/c of crawl space access. That I wouldn't permit...

If you are tapping into the sewer line or the input line that delivers water, well, that might need to be permitted so you have coverage if anything mucks up the city's pipes.

Water heater doesn't have to be permitted (in my opinion)...unless you use sears or a big-name place for installation (that insists on following the permitting rules). We ended up having sears deliver the water heater and our plumber hooked it up.

Here's what I suggest you DO do...based on our 18 months of pre-remodel work. Check in with Oak Park as to what your limitations on remodel will be. If there are things you anticipate wanting to do to your house eventually, ask what the process will be (e.g. converting the attic to a legal room...was that this house?....you can always do an illegal convert, but if you want the room to be officially counted as another bedroom (if/when you go to sell it), then you'll want to do it permitted. For us, thank g-d we did the basement bathroom legal because we would have triggered all sorts of issues on this remodel because the house would have miraculously become a 3/2 when the city thought it was a 3/1. Of course, if you don't have plans to expand...then throw the basement bathroom in without a permit.

Just my two...er...five cents!

Love to the girls!