Monday, March 26, 2007

Pretend Summer

We have been having gorgeous spring weather lately, which is unseasonable for spring in Chicago. It started Thursday, when we walked around one of our potential future neighborhoods and saw that crocuses had sprung forth where snow had been only days earlier, and Nutmeg spotted her first robin of the year. Because my dad, the mailman, always came home and reported to us the first time he saw a robin on his route each year, I had Nutmeg call my dad to tell him. He was tickled.

Today I broke out one of last year's summer dresses and put it on the Nut with a pair of jeans, a style that is just reaching the Midwest this year. Joy of joys, when we returned from a trip to the park and TJ's, someone had visited our building and installed a wee little plastic fence between us and the rain-filled pit that was once our back yard. I was getting worried about the risk of Nutmeg falling in and drowning. But I fear my bitchy landlady, so I had been dreading calling to discuss this issue. Apparently, I am not exactly one of those lioness moms who would fight anyone for her cubs.

But since it's a little safer now, I dragged out her tricycle and Barney car from the basement, and we gave them a good wash. Nutmeg had a great time, and after she washed her car, she dragged her gas pump from the basement all by herself so she could fill 'er up.

Hmm, something tells me that I should type something more here to balance out the page design. Lalalalalalala it's warm out. Oh, and according to Nutmeg's checkup Friday, she's now in the 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight! The Midwest is really the place to grow your hearty babystock.


Kori said...

Man, that is one scary hole next to your place. What a bummer. The Nut is so cute pumping gas in her sundress, though! I love it!

Bert said...

Wow! I can't believe she's outside in that dress! It really must be nice there! 'Hi' to the Nut and little sis, Fil, for me. :)

Notta Wallflower said...

Glad you guys are having a bout of nice weather! Hope it stays that way for a while. :-)

ioio said...

tell me about it...these past two days were a dream come true. sunday's sunset--the pink was the most beautiful i've ever seen!

glad you guys had some fun.