Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fake Milk Taste Test

So far I've tried the rice milk and almond milk and both do the job of cutting the acidity of either coffee or tea and making it taste better.

Vanilla Rice Dream, in coffee, is about as creamy as skim milk and the vanilla flavor makes it taste like a flavored coffee.

Vanilla almond milk has a stronger flavor, and I liked that too, in coffee, although in tea it was too overpowering. It was like vanilla and almond flavored coffee, and slightly creamier than the rice milk. I imagine it's fattier. I didn't read the labels, because, damn, I am already deprived.

And still losing weight. I'm now about 9 pounds over prepregnancy weight (but then I'd like to lose that extra 10 that snuck on shortly before pregnancy). And yesterday, I got into a pair of real pants (as opposed to sweatpants). Yay! Sure, they were a size up, purchased in the early stages of pregnancy, but still. Felt great, and before I had my first baby and breastfed myself skinny, that was my regular pant size, anyway.

We also have been eating pancakes with Rice Dream, since Nutmeg is on a pancake kick, and they are good. They don't taste any different to me.

The bad news: I can't drink coffee after all. It is definitely bothering the baby and causing more spit up.

Sigh. Good news: A bubble tea place opened up in our neighborhood.

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Kori said...

It's a good thing that I love you so much and know how wonderful you are, because lines like before I had my first baby and breastfed myself skinny would make you a very unsympathetic character to me in any other scenario. I'm sad to admit that, of course, because it speaks to my own lack of character.

Dang, you have good luck and a good metabolism. Your scratch-off tickets in those categories have three cherries lined up all in a row, that's for sure! Jackpot! Good for you, friend. I hope that you are back in your old clothes (and drinking coffee!) in no time.