Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another House

This is another one of the places we are looking at in Oak Park. It's in a better area -- north of the freeway so hopefully we wouldn't be crossing the freeway all the time if we lived there. We don't like it as much as the house I posted before but it is still pretty nice, as in, someplace I never dreamed I could live back in our SF days.

It has almost as much ground floor space as the house we really like, but it seems smaller because it is divided up into separate rooms (like most older houses are). In the one we really like, the previous owners had probably knocked down some walls to make things more open. We could maybe do that too someday, but it is priced a little higher than our range to begin with, so no major construction could go on for years.

Besides the location, this place also has the advantage of having both an upstairs full bath and a half bath on the ground floor. Its basement isn't finished and there's no bathroom down there now, but according to my plumber uncle putting a bare bones bath in the basement only costs about $5k. And the basement at least has plenty of electrical outlets so Epu could have his office down there.

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