Saturday, February 24, 2007

unfortunate combination

when you have an infant and you do attachment parenting, it's hard to pick things up off the floor because you are usually wearing your baby in a Bjorn or a sling. With Nutmeg, I found this frustrating because i would often drop things, or my husband would leave his dirty socks on the floor, and by the end of the day there would be a few things lying around.

Now, I have a 2-year-old who's MO is to pour, dump and throw things on the floor. She routinely cleans off her little table for a new activity by doing the arm sweep.

Something tells me I'm going to have to learn to be Zen about the huge amounts of crap now littering our floors.

On a happier note, Nutmeg is hilarious. She (and her grandparents) were very excited that there was a pinata at the last day of her art/spanish class. It happened that her grandparents had been telling her about their upcoming vacation to mexico and about how there are pinatas in Mexico.

So I asked what the pinata had been shaped like.

"Spongepop Squirtpants!"


Filbertine, meanwhile, appears to be already smiling at us. Oh, you may doubt, but you haven't seen the look-you-right-in-the-eyes, heart-melting smile. Did I mention she has dimples? Where did she get dimples? Neither of us can figure it out.


Kori said...

Awh...heart melting...:)

ioio said...


(i've got dimples!)

Perhaps she got them from me by commenting on your blog?

Anonymous said...

re dimples: How did my daughter who is half asian get blue eyes when her mother (me) is 100% asian who has all dominant trait of brown eyes. Who is the mother of the child I gave birth too? Her eyes probably will turn brown later in life.