Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick Update

Nutmeg has been much better last few days. Grandparents have been wearing her out every morning, she's been taking long naps and sleeping much better, and her behavior is pretty much back to normal. She still has lots of hugs and kisses for her sister.

Just took the baby in for a checkup. There were no problems so far with the GBS thing but because there is always the possibility of late-onset strep infection manifesting as meningitis (!) we have instructions to take her to the ER if she ever runs a temp over 100.4 in the first two months of life. She has a little jaundice that reduced greatly since her Monday visit, due in part I'm sure to the all-day pig-out she had Wednesday. So the doc's happy with her. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz., well above her 7 lb. 14 oz. birthweight 9 days ago. For some reason the nurse at this office weighs her with clothes on, but still, she weighed 7-14 Monday so we know she's grown.

I, on the other hand, am thinking of starting a company to tout my amazing weight loss secret. I can tell you how to lose 15 pounds in one week.* However, that still leaves me around 19 pounds over my pre-preg weight, and more like 30 pounds over the weight I normally like to be. Ah, well, keep eating, Filbertine, and hopefully I'll just naturally lose it like last time.

Filbertine has lots of cute new facial expressions, some we remember fondly from Nutmeg's babyhood. The brow wrinkle. The triangle mouth. Last night our wakeup to feed was less than an hour -- a new record. So things are good, it's a sunny day and you'd never guess that it's below zero out there by looking out the window. I think I'll extend my "confinement" through the end of March.

* Only works if you are around 40 weeks pregnant at the beginning of that week.


Bert said...

Hooray! So glad to hear that you're happy with your cute, little family. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy to read things are looking up since your last post. It will only get better. I'm sure Nutmeg will be even more intrigued with Filbertine when they can actually play together.

Moxie Mom said...

With my daughter, I was able to get her involved with fetching things. Once she felt like she had a job to do, she loved the new baby.
So happy to hear things are good!

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Sophia said...

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Unknown said...

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