Monday, February 05, 2007

Nada, Nothing, Zip

No, no. Nothing to see here. Go about your business.

I am finally getting bored with being pregnant. Or just bored. It has something, I'm sure, to do with the fact that it is 4 degrees outside (that's nothing! it was 1 this morning and below zero overnight, with windchills of 25 to 35 below). It doesn't LOOK cold outside -- it's brilliantly sunny. The upside to that is that the indoor climate is lovely -- we have nice pools of sunshine in which to play in various rooms throughout the day. The downside is that it looks beautiful out, and it's hard for my tiny brain to comprehend that it's not a good day for a stroller walk, despite the fact that my 2-year-old has been back from Grammy's only one day and already we are back to butting heads.

Nutmeg must remember how unpleasant her brief excursions outside have been in recent days, because today she declined to go to playgroup AND insisted on wearing foot pajamas all day, even though if anything it is a little too warm in the house. Or maybe just my hormones think it is. Well, I wans't going to argue with that. But now we've been alone in the house for 8 hours, with another 3 to go, and it is BORING! There are no BABIES being born here, for one thing.

Actually, what is keeping me going today is that I managed to snag a prenatal massage appointment for this evening. I woke up with such bad hip and lower back pain this morning that I just had to try for one, and they had a cancellation. Yay! Three hours, six minutes until massage time.

Tomorrow morning, we have another non-stress test. If we fail, they won't let us leave the hospital, so please excuse any silence that may follow. But I don't flunk tests, and I'm not planning on flunking this one.


Bert said...

Excuse me, but for the non-pregnant among us, what is a non-stress test? I know what a stress test is, but what is the "non" all about?

Tell The Nut hello from Auntie Bert. :)

Kori said...

In case the fine lady goes into labor and can't write you back right away, Bert, I'll take a stab at an answer. A non-stress test involves hooking the pregnant lady up to a fetal monitor, feeding her juice and cookies (to stimulate the baby), and having her track each time she feel's the baby move by hitting a little remote button. Techs record these movements along with the fetal heart rate, and if the baby's rates stay at a good place, they are considered healthy and not in stress. If not, they make plans to induce labor. The fear for women who far exceed their due date is that the placenta will begin to break down, and the baby will have stress in the womb.

I had one because our daughter was born late, and it was the best test I ever received. I had a little television and a plate of oreos. You can't beat it!

Carrie said...

Well, U of C is luxurious, isn't it!? For my first NST last week, I had no juice or cookies, no TV, and not even a little button to push. The nurse hooked up a regular fetal monitor, said it would be 15 minutes, and disappeared for at least half an hour.

Bert -- a fetal monitor has 2 sensors on it: One for measuring the fetal heartrate and another for monitoring contractions. The contraction meter also tends to register when the baby moves, so they just looked at the printout to make sure that every time the baby moved, there was a correlating increase in heartrate. No increase in heartrate is not so good, drop in heartrate during contraction is a sign of trouble.

Unknown said...

maybe you should name the filbertine, penny diana, in honor of the other baby who took a whopping 375 days to make an appearance...,9171,797153,00.html

...or you could name her beulah.