Monday, February 26, 2007

Funny Girls

Fil sleeps in a little bed that goes on our bed, between us. It is called a Snuggle Nest. Before dawn this morning, after a long feeding and burp session, I tried to lay Fil down in the Snuggle Nest but she was still grunting and squeaking, which means more burping. Without sitting up, I reached over and propped her up in a sitting position with one hand and softly patted her back with the other. Epu heard her noises and looked over at her.

Then I heard him audibly suck in air.

"SHE'S SITTING UP!" he said. He honestly believed our 3-week old had sat herself right up in bed, perhaps intending to pick up the remote and watch a little TV.


The night before that, in that same pre-dawn feeding hour, Nutmeg had joined us in bed. I tried to get past her to get out of bed and feed Fil.

Nutmeg stirred and said, "Don't get up."
Me: "But I have to feed the baby."
Nut: "No, I'll kiss the baby where it hurts."


Last night I let the Nut be my gal pal and watch the Oscars with me. I told her which dresses I liked and which I didn't.

Tonight, she told my dad, "I watched the Academy Awards last night, and none of the dresses were at all attractive.


Notta Wallflower said...

Oh goodness - Nut is hilarious. I missed the Oscars, but I have heard that I didn't miss anything that great.

Bert said...

Aw. Little Nut, fashion diva. I cannot wait until she dresses herself for school. :)