Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Filbertine, Nutmeg, and Schools

A little business: I'll be continually updating an entry from Feb. 2 which contains several reviews of public elementary schools I've toured. I added a review of Chappell School today and changed the title to "North Side School Reviews." Spoiler: Chappell = not a hellhole, but not impressive either.

Filbertine is so lazy. She can't even be bothered to burp after a meal. Instead she just lies there and grunts until I spend an hour jiggling, back patting, etc., or until she spits up all over herself. With this kind of lazy streak, I can only say that she takes after her daddy in more than just looks. Like a lot of babies, the spitting up/grunting only seems to be an issue when she's lying on her back. When she's lying on her tummy, i.e. against my shoulder or chest in bed, she falls right to sleep, and often I do too. And then we all sleep well, for hours. And according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this might kill my child. I am so skeptical, and yet when the possible outcome of ignoring doctors' advice is DEATH, it does give you pause.

We are so proud of Nutmeg. She has been nothing but loving to her little sister. Today she dubbed F. "her little butterfly." All together now: "Awww."

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