Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Delivery Status Notification

40 Weeks, 6 Days

I was excited today to see an email in my box labeled "Delivery Status Notification." Sadly, it was some crap about an email I sent to my husband yesterday, and not a day and time when Filbertine will arrive. However, Nutmeg has been kind enough to provide me with her own delivery status notification. A week or so ago, I told her that the baby might be born tomorrow, and she said, "No, she won't be born for a long, long time." This is also the kid who told us with complete confidence that she was having a baby sister long before two ultrasounds told us she is probably correct. So today, after a massage visit with lots of pressure point action was followed by a nonstress test that registered not a SINGLE contraction, we decided to ask the one person who seems to know what's going on.

"Wednesday," she said, very slowly.
"You mean tomorrow?" I asked.

Later she mentioned again that the baby would be coming tomorrow, and I asked her if my contractions would begin during the night.
"No," she said. "At 11 o'clock."
"In the morning or at night?"
"In the morning."

Still later, when I mentioned that Grammy and Grampy are coming to spend the night tomorrow night, she said no, no, they're not, because my contractions would begin in the morning and we would need to go to the hospital right away.

Well, you heard it here first. And about that midwife visit: Another non-stress test indicated a healthy, happy (and obviously very smart) baby with no interest in leaving the 98.6-degree womb for the 8-degree (and snowing) outer world. For those filling in their stat sheets, my belly measures 38 centimeters from fundus to pubic bone and hasn't grown in several weeks. I weigh 177.5 pounds, down about 1 pound from my peak a week or two ago. It's quite normal to stop gaining or even lose weight in the final weeks of pregnancy, especially when your healthcare provider refuses to serve Oreos during nonstress tests. I gained about 33 pounds altogether.

Friday morning I have yet another NST and an ultrasound to boot. I'm also thinking about letting them strip my membranes at that point*. Although according to the Nut, there will be no need for a Friday visit because we'll already be going home from the hospital by then.

* Although this for-and-against article is making me think twice about that.


Kori said...

That's it, I'm making up some business cards like this:

Highly-Articulate Toddler, Artist, Soothsayer
Also available for counting or alphabetical work
Rates are negotiable

33 pounds is fantastic! You'll be back to your old body in less that 6 months, no worries, especially if you're nursing. That's got to feel good!

Kori said...

Oh, and sorry about the lack of Oreos. If it makes you feel better, they were generic Oreos.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you! I hope everything goes smoothly, whether or not it's today.

(but i do hope it's today)

Regarding stripping membranes, I don't know whether your water broke with Nutmeg or not, but apparently keeping the membranes intact can make for less discomfort during labor - it provides a bit of a cushion. Of course if you have back labor, you're pretty much out of luck in the comfort department.

At this point, though, choosing between a measure of comfort later and your immediate discomfort is definitely a toss up. I went to 40 weeks 6 days with kid #1 and acupuncture did the trick for me. I'm now 30 weeks along with #2 and hoping for another fast labor.

Oh, and your #2 is clearly very smart - no one wants to go out in that weather!

Carrie said...

Stripping membranes is not the same as breaking membranes, which I would definitely not allow. Stripping means separating the amniotic sac from the cervix/lower uterus, and often causes the release of prostoglandins, which should get the cervix thinning and dilating.

To me, having your water purposely broken is like asking for a c-section, especially if you are group b strep positive. Many doctors will do a C if you haven't delivered within 12 hours of your water breaking, for fear of fetal infection. With GBS, I think my midwife said they want me delivered within 12 hours.