Thursday, January 18, 2007

Unbelievably, Some People Are Not On a First Name or Initial Basis With Entire Cast of Grey's Anatomy

Me, reading the Tribune: "Wow, I didn't realize that Isaiah Washington called T.R. Knight a f--."
Epu: "Well, with a name like Tiara Night..."

Epu has a point. Tiara Night wouldn't just be gay, he'd be a female impersonator dancing at AsiaSF.


Kori said...

Tiara Knight. Friggin' awesome. That's like the Crown Prince's poor stepbrother, the Tiara Knight.

Did you see T.R. on Ellen DeGeneres' show? He's a class act.

davealli said...

nothing to do with Grey's anatomy...although the AsiaSF thing is interesting...

Kaiser Media Fellowships in health announced...I wonder if this would be something in which you'd be interest. Obviously, not your top priority in the short term :) but it might be an interesting project for the summer...mostly thought of you b/c of the moms-at-work project you did with a broad cross section...wonder if you'd want to take that to a healthcare investigation...

More info here:

Might be a stretch...and you'll be kind of busy in the nearterm.

Hey, make sure you've emailed out your new mailing address...and of course, I don't have your home email at work, so I blogged this.

Hugs to Hazel & Erik. By the way, Hayden knows that Hazel lives in Chicago!!!

Epu said...

To my chagrin, this actually came up during my otherwise masculine sheepshead night.

Epu said...

ok, why did blogger double the html:// in that link? I got no freakin idea. Sorry there's no way for me to pull the comment. Maybe you can for me?