Monday, January 01, 2007

A game!

Epu and I love games. Epu loves them so much that he makes a living designing video games. For me it's more about an obsession with Scrabble and a healthy appreciation for other board games. So I've been looking forward to the day when Nutmeg gets old enough to sit down and play a game with me.

We're there, sort of. One of the seeemingly thousands of Christmas presents Nutmeg received was a board game about ladybugs, that brags, "requires no reading" on the box. It's true. After a round with Daddy, Nutmeg was able to interpret the cards and spaces on the board, which have simple symbols like +4 to show the kid to go ahead 4 spaces. The Nut gets the game out several times a day for us to play with her. And it's fun!

Funniest thing to me is that I yearn to win the ladybug game, even though I'm playing against a 2-year-old who is just starting to gasp the premise of game play at all. Boy, what an ego rush that will be the day I can finally say, "Yes! I am the first ladybug to reach the garden!" Unfortunately, I haven't been able to win not because I'm not skilled at drawing cards and following simple instructions (I rock at it!) but because Nutmeg can only sustain interest in the orderly process of taking turns and drawing cards for about half a game. Still, it's fun, she's learning good stuff, and I now dream of all the games of Candyland and even Scrabble Junior we'll play in the years to come.


Bert said...

Could you're family be any cuter?

Julia said...

Aw... I'm glad you like the game. Just let the 2 year old win once or twice, would ya? :)