Friday, January 12, 2007

37 weeks, 2 days

Call me crazy, but I think the last few weeks are the best part of pregnancy. It's the most fun. For one thing, there's the suspense. Now that it's safe to give birth, every time I have a Braxton-Hicks contraction I get to wonder, is this the start of something? Is tonight the night? I'm not one who's anxious for pregnancy to end -- especially now that I'm well aware how time-consuming babies can be -- because I have hardly gotten any of the preparations done. But having a ticking clock makes life a little more like a game show, and that's what I want out of life, pretty much. Gameshowosity.

Also, a pregnant woman's body is so bizarrely misshapen by this point that we provide entertainment for the public not unlike a balloon animal might. And since it takes me such a long time to seriously show, I'm just now getting the help and mommy cred I deserve in public. Today someone carried my stroller down the stairs at the L for me (Although another man did *not* offer to do the same while walking behind me up the stairs at the other L station. I apologized to him for Nutmeg and I blocking the stairway with our slow progress, and he said, "That's alright!")

Then there's the "bag full of squirrels" belly movements. Since my babies tend to be packed in like sausages, by the end of pregnancy my belly gets weird wiggling protrusions out the sides and front on a regular basis. When one of the midwives (my favorite so far) was about to put on the Doppler this week, Filbertine treated her to a dramatic ripple, much to the midwife's amusement.

The way my back feels right now? Less amusing. And if you can find a comedian who can build a credible routine out of middle-of-the-night acid reflux, why, that comedian belongs on Letterman, Leno and Conan every night for the rest of eternity. And wouldn't that be a lovely way for everyone in America to spend their late nights, thinking about acid reflux? Hey, if I have to ...


Kori said...

Oh, the middle of the night 'flux. That brings back bad memories. I think I've told you that, the night I had EJ, as I lay there on morphine with a fresh c-section wound, somewhat delirious, I realized "Hey, I don't have heartburn anymore! That's so great!!!" That's saying something about the stress of heartburn. :)

Enjoy this time now---I have this feeling you're going to have the baby this week. Don't know why. Could be wrong. Just a feeling.

Carrie said...

Ai, ai ai! What are you trying to do to me? I haven't packed my bag, I haven't laundered a single item of baby clothing (for one thing, I forgot to buy Dreft when I went to Target), and I can't seem to get Tanya's hypnosis recordings onto my mp3 player.

Well, we're seeing Tanya tomorrow, so we'll see about this supposed "feelings" she has about when people are going to give birth.

Bert said...

You are my favorite balloon animal. And I'm sorry I'm missing the best part of the show this time! Take some photos (or better yet, video) for me! :)